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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask — We Answer

Where do you see private patients?

The Somerset Gynaecology is primarily based at the Kingston Wing, Yeovil District Hospital, Higher Kingston, Yeovil. BA21 3PF. Mr Shah is also available at BMI Winterbourne Hospital, Dorchetser

Where do you undertake your private operations?

These are usually planned at Yeovil Hospital through Kingston Wing or BMI Winterbourne Hospital, Dorchester
We normally aim to plan a date to suit your availability and within 2-3 weeks

Do you need a referral from a GP to see me?

It is generally considered good practice to get a referral from your GP who is responsible for your overall health. Most insurance companies will insist on this to provide cover under their policies.

In exceptional circumstances, we do see patients who are unable or would prefer not to involve the GP in their care. If this is the case, you should check with your insurance company unless you are planning to self-fund.

Some women that we see are referred to us for specialist care by other consultant. The relevant consultant would normally provide all the necessary information to us prior to your consultation

What are the private consultation fees?

We have a standard billing rate of £180 for initial consultation and £130 for follow-up or telephone consultation.


The usual time allocated for a new patient consultation is 30 minutes and for a follow-up consultation it is 20 minutes, although these can vary according to the clinical situation.


Should you require additional tests (such as ultrasound scan, colposcopy, cervical screening, blood tests etc.) these will incur an additional charge.


If you are paying for yourself, please note that our fees are only part of the cost of private medical treatment. You may receive bills from the hospital for tests and prescriptions.

How do I make an appointment?

You can contact Claire for appointment in Yeovil or Jan Delves for Dorchester or 07375 092559 or 07444 915681

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